“I always knew I wanted to have a fabulous wedding and had definite ideas of how I wanted my special day to be. Rachel worked with me to turn my fantasy wedding into a reality. She listened to my brief and interpreted it with her use of flowers and design. Thank you Rachel for helping to make my dream come true.”


Location - Bury Court Barn, Surrey

The Reception
Carolyn chose to keep it simple for her and her guests and have the whole wedding and reception under one roof. I think this was a smart move as it reduces stress on the day and makes the whole wedding run smoothly. Carolyn’s flowers therefore had to make a stunning impact and be suitable for the whole day. They had to stay looking fresh and beautiful from morning to late evening.

The wedding was held in a converted barn with very high ceilings. The flowers needed to be striking and have the wow-factor. The colour scheme for the day was red wine and champagne a sophisticated combination. We decided to have tall arrangements to maximise the entire space, small arrangements would have appeared lost in such a location. We settled on tall tapered elegant glass vases, these were filled with crystals and glass stones that sparkled when the light caught them. On top of each vase sat an elegant white and champagne domed arrangement, filled with sweet smelling full bloom peonies, akito and vendela roses and fragrant stephanotis flowers that mirrored the brides bouquet. No expense was spared and Swarovski Crystals matching the brides bouquet were mixed amongst the flowers. We decided to keep the red flowers and the white flowers separate and not to mix them, to create a more sophisticated look. Around the base of each vase, red rose petals were scattered, this created romantic ambiance. The top table had the same arrangement, although a ring of black baccara and grand prix roses and framed the bottom of the vase. Deep red Swarovski crystals that matched the bridesmaids bouquets decorated the arrangement and added a hint of decadence and luxury. The overall look was rich and luxurious, whilst still appearing romantic and dreamy. The fragrance from the flowers and vanilla and cinnamon flavoured candles filled the barn and set the mood for the perfect day.

The cake was also decorated with fresh flowers plucked from the bridal bouquet and reception flowers.

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Pedestal Display

The ceremony
The wedding ceremony was held in the front part of the barn and the reception area was curtained off during the service. Two large pedestals full of fragrant white/ champagne flowers including roses, peonies, and delphiniums stood either side of where the happy couple were to tie the knot. Alternate all red and all white posies lined the chairs of the ailse the bride was to walk down. Each posie reflected either the brides or bridesmaids bouquets, they all included hand picked crystals and ribbons that were matched to the dresses. The overall effect was completely coordinated to the bridal party. Cinnamon and vanilla tea lights fragranced the barn and the toilets, rose petals were also scattered.

The bridal party
Carolyn wanted everything to be coordinated on her special day. Her theme colours were red wine and champagne. Her dress was full length, strapless, silk with beautiful beading and embroidery. We chose to have the bride carrying white/ champagne flowers. The bridal bouquet was a sophisticated, hand-tied only shower bouquet. It consisted of calla lillies which gave the bouquet its length, vendela and akito roses were also woven in amongst the lillies along with unravelled stephanotis which was twisted throughout the bouquet. Delicate chiffon champagne coloured ribbons also hung softly from the bouquet and Swarovski champagne crystals were delicately wired between the flowers to compliment the brides dress. Champagne satin and chiffon ribbons held the stems perfectly together and created a shimmery, romantic look to finish off the bouquet.

The bride wanted her wedding to be a day to remember, she wanted to be unique and have a wedding no one would forget. To add to this she opted for her best male friend to be her ‘maid of honour’, along with two female bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids wore red wine, full-length strapless beaded dresses. The ‘maid of honour’ had a matching waistcoat. The bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the bridal bouquet but in matching deep reds. The recipe was black baccara roses, deep red crystals woven in amongst the flowers and burgundy satin/chiffon ribbons. The ‘maid of honour’ had a matching designer buttonhole, created just for him and included the crystals, red wire and dark red calla lillies. The groom and bridal party all had corsages and buttonholes that complimented the bride and bridesmaids.



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